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This section of the website will contain information, announcements and updates sent to the Welton NEWS by West Lindsey District Council Lincolnshire County Council and Lincoln City Council.

Support for Young Carers

From West Lindsey District Council

In issue 2 of the Voluntary and Community Sector Coronavirus Bulletin:

1. What’s new in this bulletin
2. Coronavirus update
3. Register your group’s activities
4. Individual looking for help
5. Support for voluntary and community sector
6. Support for business
7. How people can volunteer
8. WLDC service disruptions
9. LCC service disruptions
10. Social media updates

Help us share local good news

Already we have seen some truly amazing acts of kindness and human spirit.  Volunteers right across the district are helping people in need and keeping our communities thriving under difficult circumstances.  As the pandemic and isolation continues it is important more than ever to recognise and shout about such fantastic work being done.

Help us shine a light on the work of volunteers by:

  • Promoting good news and achievement of volunteering on your website, Facebook page and other social media
  • Sharing good news stories with us so we can build a picture of community effort across West Lindsey (e-mail your good news stories to community@west-lindsey.gov.uk)

Bulletin Feedback

If you have any feedback about this new bulletin or have suggestions on content you think will be useful to other groups please e-mail us: community@west-lindsey.gov.uk

On behalf of West Lindsey District Council and our many wonderful communities thank you for your support and effort during these challenging times.

Kind regards,

Grant White Communities Manager

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