The Welton NEWS Management Committee

The committee is responsible for putting the NEWS together each month, making decisions about the content of the magazine, raising the money needed to pay for printing through advertising, deciding on the front cover photograph, ensuring that invoices are sent out and bills paid on time, organising distribution of the magazine and checking the final printed copy to see if improvements can be made for the next issue. Each member of the committee is actively involved in these processes.

The members of the committee (from top left to bottom right) are:

  • Dorothy Russell, Chair and Editor; telephone 01673 860073
  • Graham Nicholls, Deputy Editor and Reporter
  • Mike Daly, Treasurer
  • Penny Brackenbury, Advertisement Manager; telephone 01673 861464
  • Jim Blainey, Photographer
  • Brian Prunnell, Distribution Manager; telephone 07715 305860
  • Roy Minnitt, Member since 1999

A group of willing volunteers distributes the magazine to over 2,000 homes in Welton every month. Without them, you would never receive your monthly “yellow book”.

Some of the volunteers who distribute the NEWS every month

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