Audio Articles

In this section of the website you will find occasional audio recordings of events or aspect of life in Welton, which we hope to expand over time. Listen and enjoy!

Bikers on Call

Graham Nicholls talks to Harry Baldock of the Bike Shed

Welton Beck

Graham Nicholls talks to Tim Jacklin of the Wild Trout Trust about environmental work on the beck in the centre of Welton.

Recorded February 2018

A Day of Birdsong

A day of birdsong in Welton recorded by Graham Nicholls on 9th May 2020, starting with the dawn chorus, followed by birds on my daily walk on Mill Lane (see photo), accompanying my lunch in the garden and ending at dusk.

To help anyone wanting to identify individual birds, there’s an audio guide to the birds making up the dawn chorus on the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s website.

St Mary’s Church Clock, Welton

Graham Nicholls talks to Mike Cosford about the history of Welton Church Clock.

Recorded February 2019

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