Time to advertise in the Welton NEWS

To advertise your business in the Welton NEWS magazine and on this website, contact the editor at

The Welton NEWS is the ideal way to bring your service, product or event to the attention of every household in Welton.

Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising is taken on a 12-month contract basis. Prices vary depending on the size of the advert and whether the advert is in black and white (B&W) or colour:

  • Full page (portrait 18 cm x 13 cm): B&W = £503, colour = £547
  • Half page (landscape 9 cm x 13 cm): B&W = £272, colour = £294
  • Quarter page (portrait 9 cm x 6 cm): B&W = £157, colour = £168
  • Sixth of a page (6 cm x 6 cm): B&W = £108, colour = £120
  • Eighth of a page (landscape 4.5 cm x 6 cm): B&W = £90, colour + £101

For more information:

Contact the editor, Dorothy Russell, on 01673 860073
E-mail the editor on 
Contact our Advertisement Manager, Penny Brackenbury,
on 01673 861464

The deadline for submission of new or revised adverts is the 15th of the month prior (for example, 15th January for the February issue). We do not charge for regular changes to adverts, for example, if you have a special offer or a change of contact information.

Classified ads are for non-commercial transactions (for example, if you want to sell a toy your child has outgrown) and are included free in the Welton NEWS when space allows. Classified ads should be sent to the editor via e-mail to or in hard copy by leaving a letter, with name, address and phone number, in the Welton NEWS mail tray in the parish office.

Local not-for-profit and charitable organisations can advertise their events in the Welton NEWS free of charge when space permits. Please send your advertisement or a poster advertising your event to the editor at Send your adverts or posters in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint format so that we can edit them to fit if necessary.


For contact telephone numbers for advertisers, go to the Advertisers page and click on the link.

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