About Us

The Welton NEWS is a monthly magazine produced by and for the residents of Welton-by-Lincoln, a village about seven miles north-east of Lincoln in Lincolnshire. Issue 1 of the NEWS was distributed in June 1999 and it has been published every month since then, although during the 2020 pandemic and lockdown it was only published online for a period of three months. More than 2,000 copies are distributed free-of-charge to every household in Welton every month by a group of volunteers.

We are proud that the NEWS is entirely self-financed through advertising and is produced by a group of volunteers, enabling us to maintain independence from any single body or group. We thank everyone who advertises with us and allows us to continue. Please support our magazine by using our advertisers and mention the Welton NEWS when making enquiries to advertisers.

The Welton NEWS seeks to provide residents with regular updates on activities within the village in an interesting and easily readable format. This website allows readers to view previous issues as well as allowing those who have left the village or who have connections to the village, to keep up with the latest news.

The magazine is published and this website maintained by members of the Welton NEWS Management Committee.

You can contact the NEWS by e-mailing us at weltonnews@gmail.com, using the Contact Us page or by calling the editor, Dorothy, on 01673 860073. If you want to advertise with us, you will find our rates and contact details on the Advertising page.

Residents who would like to get involved with the Welton NEWS should contact the editor to find out how they can do so.

We welcome contributions from our readers in the form of articles or letters for publication either in the print magazine or on this website, or both.  Please e-mail these to: weltonnews@gmail.com

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