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The August issue of the Welton NEWS has now been published in the Current and Past Issues section. There is no printed version this month. We invite your feedback on the Welton Parish Precept, potholes and the A46 roundabout construction

Recent Updates:

Young people aged 14 to 25 living in Lincolnshire are invited to get involved with The Youth Commission and have a voice in how Lincolnshire is policed. Go to the Updates and Alerts page for more details..

LCC is seeking input from residents regarding the walking and cycling infrastructure improvements. More information about what is happening and how you can have your say can be found on the WLDC and LCC Updates and Announcements page.

There is a scam alert around TV licences for those aged over 75 on the Updates and Alerts page. Please read this if you are over 75 or if you know someone over 75 who is unlikely to read it here.

Recycling centres (tips) in the county are now open five days a week. Go to the WLDC and LCC Updates and Announcements page for full information.

Information about the A46 roundabout construction temporary traffic restrictions is published on the WLDC and LCC Updates and Announcements page.

We are updating our Advertisers section regularly as lockdown eases and businesses open. Check our Advertisers page to find a local business or tradesperson to meet your needs. Please support your local businesses and trades, especially those that advertise with the Welton NEWS.

Welton NEWS survey

Every home should by now have received a survey card asking for their preference regarding how they want to read the NEWS. There are some ill-informed rumours circulating as a result of this survey; so I want to clarify things.

The NEWS will continue as a PRINTED magazine for the foreseeable future, hopefully many years.

The reason for the survey is two-fold. First of all, when we resume printing in September we need to know whether or not we should continue with an online version of the magazine. There is no point is us spending time producing an online version and updating the website if nobody is looking at it. The second reason is that as new homes are built and occupied in Welton we currently do not have sufficient revenue to increase the number of printed copies by more than 100 or so. If we find that there are 100 homes that prefer the online magazine, then we will have 100 spare copies of the NEWS to deliver to new homes.

So our readers who prefer a printed magazine and our advertisers can rest assured that we have no intention of going completely digital.

What you can find on the website

The Welton NEWS is a monthly magazine produced by and for the residents of Welton-by-Lincoln, a village about seven miles north-east of Lincoln in Lincolnshire. Issue 1 of the NEWS was distributed in June 1999 and it has been published every month since then. More than 2,000 copies are distributed free-of-charge to every household in Welton every month by a group of volunteers.

We are proud that the NEWS is entirely self-financed through advertising and is produced by a group of volunteers, enabling us to maintain independence from any single body or group. We thank everyone who advertises with us and allows us to continue.

Welton NEWS is a not-for-profit organisation and, over the years, has donated any surplus to a range of local good causes.

Updates and Alerts. This section was intended as a place to notify you of things that happen between issues of the NEWS (for example, road closures) and things such as scam alerts received from Action Fraud or the Lincolnshire Police.
During this current pandemic, which means that things are happening and changing rapidly, we will also use this section to pass along information that we receive from community groups and organisations regarding their activities. Please check this section regularly for updates and pass along the information to anyone you know who does not have access to the website.
Covid-19 Community Aid and Information is where we will publish information that we receive from community groups and local government agencies that is specific to the pandemic.

Our website has a number of different sections that we hope you will find useful and informative:

What’s On provides information about upcoming events taking place in Welton and the surrounding areas, and the Village Notice Board, which is a listing of events and the dates they are taking place.
If you are planning an event, please review the Village Notice Board to find out if there is a potential clash of dates with another event. Once you’ve decided on a date, contact the editor to ensure your event is included in the What’s On section and on the Village Notice Board.

Activities provides contact numbers for the various groups and organisations in the village, as well as the churches, councils and emergency services.
Organisations change personnel and contact details from time to time so we rely on village organisations to advise us of changes to ensure that the What’s On and Activities pages remain up-to-date.

Current and Past Issues has PDFs of the latest Welton NEWS as well as previous issues. Articles included in the latest issue will also be published here as separate items.

Advertising has information on how to advertise with the NEWS, both in the print version and on the website, as well as current advertising prices. A list of current advertisers and copies of their adverts can be found in this section.
This section also has advertisements for personal items that village residents want to sell (classified ads).
Events being held by charity organisations, not-for-profit groups and village organisations are advertised here.

Photo Gallery has hundreds of photographs taken at events around the village, including many that did not appear in the print issues because there wasn’t enough room for them and some that appeared in black and white in the print issue.

Welton-by-Lincoln Parish Council section contains information about parish council meetings (full council meetings as well as committee meetings) and information about the parish council office; committee meeting reports that are not included in the print version of the magazine; and information from other government agencies (such as the Environment Agency, Highways England, etc.).

WLDC and LCC Updates and Alerts is where we publish information that we receive from West Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and Lincoln City Council that we think will be useful or of interest to residents of Welton.

Audio and Video Articles has audio files and interviews and videos from NEWS reporters and readers.

For more information about Welton, visit the Welton-by-Lincoln Parish Council website and take a look at the Neighbourhood Plan documents.

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